PetCare Pet Insurance

by Nidhi Rani

PetCare Insurance has a large number of insurance programs for various pets including dogs. I love having pets but cannot afford to pay too expensive a bill. The insurance policy often comes in handy.

I took MasterCare policy for my pet dog Buddy who is a Beagle and loves running on the road as often as he can manage. This policy covered accidents and illnesses including hereditary illnesses. I found the policy very helpful when Buddy got hit by a car while running. While our vet was able to save Buddy, the hospital bill came quite high. We would have had some difficulty in settling the bill had it not been for the insurance. The company took care of majority of the bill.

In addition to MasterCare, the insurance company has many other schemes as well. You can choose from among them depending on your needs as well as finances. Further, the company staff is very nice and helpful and make sure that you can finish the process easily.

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