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Tripper, my German Shepherd

Tripper, my German Shepherd

I'm a college student who really can't afford the hidden costs that come with a dog. That being said, I would do anything to keep Tripper safe and happy with me. Which is why around Christmas of last year I spent approximately $400 to buy the full coverage (0% copay, $50 deductible) bronze plan from PetPlan INDIA. I figured what with the average checkup alone costing $120 it would be worthwhile, not to mention the potential for all sorts of terrible things happening.

And I was right: a few months later, Tripper tore the ACL in his rear right leg, which requires major surgery. Over the course of a month, I got three consultations by different vets and finally a TPLO. Throughout this time I was communicating with PetPlan's customer service line, getting information on coverage. Not only were they friendly and patient, they were incredibly helpful in answering my questions.

Being that as a broke college student I couldn't afford a $3k surgery, or even the 30% specialized treatment copay, PetPlan reps helped me understand their policy so that I could find an experienced doctor who ended up saving both me and PetPlan money! They even helped with my special request - I had used my rent money to pay the surgery, so they rushed the processing of the claim form so I could get my money in time for rent!

Now I sit here $50 poorer, but with a treated dog well on his way to recovery, and the assurance that my pet insurance provider is really as awesome as everyone has been saying they are. I will be telling all my friends to sign up with PetPlan. I would like in particular to thank PetPlan reps Cynthia Daddis (claims manager) and Adam Cooney (customer service rep). Every PetPlan associate was kind and helpful, but these two stood out in the extent they went out of their way to make sure my needs were met, from Adam waiting, tracking down a claims manager, and then calling me back, to Cynthia processing my pre-authorization in time for the surgery AND my claims invoice in time for my rent.

I hope PetPlan reads this and does something awesome for you too!

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