Pets Best Insurance

When we adopted our puppy four years ago, our veterinarian recommended that we purchase pet insurance. Just one year prior, my cousins had received a year of insurance as a gift from a friend when they adopted their yellow lab, and it had come in handy when she ate a rock and had to have emergency surgery.

For only $10 a month for accident insurance, we thought that would provide good peace of mind. And, oh how it did! It turns out that our dog is mischievous, and is constantly swallowing things that she shouldn't. When she was less than 2 years old, she swallowed a need in one gulp and had to have surgery. The cost was just over $2000, but we ended up getting close to $1600 back from the insurance.

We figure that pays for 160 months of insurance, so we are definitely making a wise investment. The claims process was easy, and it made it much simpler to decide on the surgery for our dog, who we love dearly!

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