Petsecure Canada

by Steve
(Hamilton, ON)

When we bought a Pug, we figured it was a good idea to get insurance for him. Sure enough, he had Demodex - a form of mange they get from the mother. Petsecure was very good about paying for the bills, which over the course of a few months, totaled several hundred dollars. However, we were disappointed that their plan did not cover dental.

After a few years, they did add dental to their plan, but promptly decreased the coverage significantly, as apparently people were abusing it. They were also picky about the definition of dental work. If a dog had an abscess on their body, their plan would certainly cover it. But, if that abscess is in the mouth, suddenly it becomes dental, even though it is clearly a genuine medical issue. In the end, their policy was vague in regards to what they covered for dental, and when we had our pug's teeth cleaned, and some baby teeth removed, they covered a fraction of what it originally appeared they would (although after discussing this with them, it turns out the fine, fine, print reveals this information).

We eventually switched to President's Choice Financial offered pet insurance for nearly half the price, with similar coverage. They have been great to deal with in the odd event that we need them, and we have not looked back since!

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