Rocky is AKC Registered and 130 pounds

by Gary Johal
(Modesto, CA, USA)

Rocky, my 130 lb German Shepherd

Rocky, my 130 lb German Shepherd

My dog's name is Rocky. He is a purebred GSD. I got him online at an AKC papered breeder's website for $600. This breeder is a friend of mine.

Right now, he weighs 130 pounds. I'm no sure how tall. He weighed 9 ponds when I got him.

He eats Purina Dog Chow and his appetite is wonderful.

As for exercise, he runs around the block once a day.

Rocky is the biggest German Shepherd that most people have ever seen.

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Don't listen to the haters
by: Max Edelweiss

Hey dude, don't listen to the knockers.

We have two GSDs, papered, working bloodlines. The dam is 100lb and the male is 130lb, his sire was about 120lb. The dam is about the size of a more typical male, and the male is about a full head height taller at the withers. Both are lean, no dysplasia, no haemophilia, strong, healthy, sturdy dogs.

They absolutely do get that big and they can be perfectly healthy.

The only thing to do is ensure they stay lean, because overweight becomes a compounding problem when they have such a large frame.

Quite possible
by: Margo

My GSD, male, age 1 year old is 125 pounds and 34" at the withers.

With the breed, much depends on the bloodline, environment, nutrition, etc. It is not uncommon for a male GSD to reach 110-130 pounds; exceeding the "breed standard" which is considered average size of the breed in general.

Especially with the working bloodline of this breed it is not uncommon for these dogs to exceed the average size.

GSD weight
by: Kent

My male gsd weighs 100 lbs at 7 months and my female weighs 72 lbs at 7 months.

by: Anonymous

Some people are so fixated on their dog's weight. The chart is a guide and that's it. Get over it.

As for this shepherd, pictures can be deceiving. And King German Shepherds can reach 130 lbs so he may have that breed and not even know it.

You won't find many that cheap however.

by: Anonymous

Why does no one believe this guy?

No one would come on here and make up some lie about their dog's weight. You people are retarded. 130 pounds is not unheard of!!!

My pup is 55 pounds at 5 months right now… no idea what that means for his future.

130 lbs
by: Anonymous

That dog cant be 130 lbs..i doubt even 90 lbs.

Some people are jerks
by: Anonymous

Diego is one of them.

Downing people telling them to get a new scale. Sounds like he has a small German shepherd. My female German shepherd at 3 1/2 months weighs 33.5 pounds. And my scale works just fine. Maybe you need to check to see if you have a full blooded GSD.

I don't see why some one would have to lie about their dog's weight. Always got to be a smart mouth, or a hater out there just because some one else has a bigger dog or something better.

Get a life, if you don't have anything nice to say then keep quiet. You are so rude.

GSD weight??
by: Lety

Is it normal for GSD to weigh so much? I recently got a GSD and am trying to leash train but he's so incredibly heavy/strong that I fear he may dislocate my shoulder. I was finally able to walk him (with difficulty) with my sister's help and two leashes.

I read somewhere that GSD are supposed to weigh around 80-100 lb, is that true or is my dog abnormal? He weighs a little over 120 lbs now.

Any advice is appreciated.

130 pounds?
by: Anonymous


First off, that dog does not weigh 130 pounds. That's the weight of a large adult male rottweiler. If the dog does weigh 130 pounds, it is so far out of the standard for the breed it most certainly wouldn't be considered a GSD by any recognized organization.

Seems like the "my dog's bigger than your dog" syndrome.

Could be possible
by: Anonymous

My GSD male is 2 months old and weighs 35 pounds already. A lot of people tell me he's a big boy for his age.

Why does it matter?
by: Scout's parent

Why would someone lie about the weight of their dog and why would someone think they are lying.

I have a GSD that was 6 months old last week and weighs 85 lbs. He is large boned and you can feel his ribs. My vet indicated that we should increase his food intake. Our trainer thinks he should remain on the thin side to reduce stress in his growth plates.

Who's right?

by: Diego's Dad

If that dog is 130 lbs, you need a new scale hombre. Unless you are 4'2" tall and weigh 66 lbs.

My Diego is 8 months old and weighs 74.8 lbs as of 3 days ago. He looks thin to me when he's viewed from the side (he's really tall though) but when I look at him from the top he looks really muscular especially in the shoulders and his neck is getting really thick. His head is spreading but at 8 months he's still got a lot of growing to do.

His dad was about 115 or so and his mom looked to be about 80ish. I think at around 2 years old he'll be over 100 lbs. I like to keep my dogs fit and if I can't take him for a game of fetch, I'll put him on the tread mill and let him trot for a mile with cool down he seems to like it.

Good luck. Nice dog too. But, get a new scale.


My 7 month old pup is 76 pounds. Is that about average?

Beautiful Big Boy!
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful big boy! I love large German Shepherds. I have two 11-month GSDs that are right around 95 lbs and they have not filled out yet. I swear they think they're my children.

by: Anonymous

As a breeder of German Shepherd dogs for 20 years, I consistently bred pups averaging weights of 10 lbs over their age (months) up to 10 months... then it tapered off, but these dogs were bred to be big over generations of selective breeding and were an exception to the rule.

This is not uncommon although the average weights are much lower. Bottom line is the owners are probably telling the truth and people need to become more informed before they call people liars.

They of course are probably the one with the smaller Shepherd... which is perfectly ok and normal. Ruff on you!

I can prove my dog is what i say he is
by: Dailo

I have a GSD male born Christmas Day that is going to be 6 months old on Monday June 25th, and he was weighed today, Friday the 21st, at 89.5 lbs...

My vet will take phone calls if you require proof...

Far Stretch
by: Anonymous

That dog doesn't weigh 100 pounds.

by: Anonymous

Ruger is 9 months. He weighed in at the vet today at 95.3 lbs. His dad was 127 lbs.

No Way
by: Anonymous

I agree that GSD is not 130 lbs.

by: Anonymous

I believe his weight, my German Shepherd is 10 months old and weighs in at 98 pounds.

by: Anonymous

No way that dog is 60 kgs. Why do people always lie about the weight of their dog!!!

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