by Mirla Gonzalez
(Edinburg, Texas)

Romeo GSD Puppy

Romeo GSD Puppy

Our dog is a GS, he is now 9 months old, and he's growing well. I would like to know more details about GSD behavior, and size.

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Comparison Weight
by: bob

I have just got my GSD weighed at 9 months two weeks and he comes in at 38.6 kls. How much bigger do you think he he will get?

Lucky you!
by: Merit

What a cutie Romeo is. GSDs are very loving, loyal dogs. They usually bond to one family member, but love the kids of the family and are wonderful with all children. He will protect you, your kids and property like a champion, all without training, because this instinct is inborn.

They need to be part of the family and inside dogs - leaving them alone in the yard makes them miserable. Be prepared for a "velcro" dog. I've not been alone to the restroom in 3 years (my GSD is 3 years, 2 months old). Cullie was 10 lbs when I took him home at 7 weeks of age. I consider him grown now that he is past 3 years old. He weighs 110 lbs. He is all love, affection, attention. The most rewarding relationship you can imagine.

Just love him and train him, and involve him in very aspect of family life. He will reward you for every effort 100-fold. They are lovely guys!

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