Rosie - my adorable GSD maybe hound mix

by Morgan
(Richmond, TX)

I think she is a GSD hound mix. Her and her siblings were dumped off in the country and left to starve. Luckily we found them all in time and got them healthy and found them homes.

She has GSD markings but has smooth short fur and thick floppy ears. She is also rather small. She is about 5 months old and weighs 18 lbs. I was not planning on keeping one of the puppies but she kinda picked me & I fell in love with her. She is very playful and follows me everywhere. Her favorite "toys" are fake flowers and flipflops. But I have a hard time fussing her for it.

She has also chosen my not so willing dachshund, Lucy, as her surrogate mother. They are so cute together and Lucy is slowly warming up to her. She just makes my day. I'm not sure who saved who. <3

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