Ruger, my GSB (German Shepherd Boxer) likes to run off

by Kathy
(Seabrook, TX)

My dog's name is Ruger. We adopted him from a shelter.

We were told he was a 1 year/3 month old Boxer German Shepherd mix.

Ruger eats like a horse. His appetite is excellent.

We have a huge fenced back yard where he plays with our other dog, chases balls we throw, and just runs the yard. He runs like the wind.

He is neutered, 1 year and 1/2 now. He is very hyper but usually wears himself out playing in the yard gets along with our other dog and our cat also. Even though we have other pets he does not lack attention. He is very friendly with people but, protective until we let anyone in.

Unfortunately, he has found a few places where he can get out of the yard and will run off. When trying to get him back home, he ignores our commands to come. He just keeps running away from us.

We don't understand why he feels the need to run away when he gets so much exercise, love and attention at home.

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