Ruger's growth is off the chart!!

by Cheryl G
(Hope, Michigan)

Ruger and those huge ears

Ruger and those huge ears

Ruger is my German Shepherd. I got him from a private person, in Lupton, Michigan - her two German Shepherds are his parents.

Right now, he weighs 64.2 pounds and stands 23 inches at his shoulder.

When I got him, he weighed 12 pounds at 7 weeks old. I did not measure his height.

He is purebred, his mom is registered, his dad is a rescue so no papers there. But both are shorthair German Shepherds. The litter had 11 pups, one plush coat, one long coat. I bought the long coat, he was the biggest pup.

Twice a day, he eats 6 cups of puppy chow at each feeding. This seems to be what he will eat in 10-15 minutes then leave it. So, this is where we are right now.

His appetite is great. Right now, I have to add 2 cups warm water to soften the puppy chow. He has lost most of his molars and they are just coming in, and his canines are also just coming through his gums. So softer food is what is easiest. He was just trying to eat with most of the food falling on the floor, then one morning he threw up all undigested unchewed puppy chow. So ta da, he was just swallowing it whole.

For exercise, we play ball. He plays constantly in the house with usually 3 toys at a time (the first dog I have had do this) two in his mouth and plays soccer with a ball at the same time. We go for walks, he plays in the yard with our other dogs, (labrador retrievers) and they wrestle. He plays till he lays down.

Ruger is the smartest dog I have ever had. He learns in just three times trying each exercise.

His favorite game is "find it." Take a treat, hide it in your hand or under something and he will sniff it out. It is amazing, he has the best nose of any dog I have had. He is a load of fun!!

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