Sage - Scruffy and scrawny to an unpapered show quality best bud

My GSD came to me via the shopping center. I was leaving and one of the greeters was turning him over to the local law enforcement to be taken to the pound.

He was under weight, very young and scared to death. I asked what he had done when I saw the officer carrying him to his car. Sage perked up, struggled to escape and refused to leave my side.

In my mind I wanted to say yes but I did the right thing and told them nothing. They told me where he was headed. I knew the local pound was over crowded and they did not keep strays for long so I explained he was going home with me and gave them all my contact info. Luckily no one ever contacted me.

Within a week of good food and regular care, I could no longer feel every rib and individual back bone. His ears were standing picture perfect and by months end he was pretty much caught up with the development chart.

His temperament is amazing, to the point a local service dog trainer wanted him for her program if no one claimed him. She explained he had the attention span and calmness that an adult GSD would have (he was only about 5 months old) making him an ideal candidate for service.

But by that time we already had a bond built and I knew I would never give him up.

From day one the scruffy looking pup walked at my side as if there were some invisible leash attached. I have several friends who breed and show Sheperds and always talk about how striking he looks with perfect confirmation to the breed, and then they say such a shame he has no papers.

I just smile and thank them and explain I have never asked to see papers when it comes to a best friend.

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What a story
by: rob, somerset uk

I can only sum this up in a few words.

This just shows what a breed the GSD's are. They can suss out peoples characters straight away and trust what they know.

My "Tico", (who passed away suddenly with spleen cancer,) aged 10.5 was absolutely fantastic with people, he would judge them straight way, and if he didn't like someone, he would let us know and he was never wrong. He would protect his "mum" with his life, and any female who screamed he would aways run over to see what was up and protect them too, even if he didn't know them!!

Tico passed away 4 months ago, and it still breaks our hearts thinking of him, it was like losing a son he was that much a part of our family. We now have Harley, who is 23 wks old. Tico was supposed to be helping in training him, and as a buddy for him to, but it was sadly not to be. Harley has classed me as the boss this time, and not my wife as it was with Tico.

I hope you have a fantastic life with Sage, and enjoy every moment with him, you were meant for each other, as he sounds fantastic!!!!

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