Sam's Growth at 16 Weeks

Sam is 16 weeks and 51 pounds. Everyone else who has commented appears to have a German Shepherd larger than this growth chart suggests.

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18 Weeks old at 54 lbs
by: Anonymous

My German Shepherd Puppy's name is Max. Max is 18 weeks old and weighs 54 lbs.

I'm not sure how big he is going to get, but I expect around 100 lbs. I feed him Pedigree and he's a great eater.

Seems like your puppy is around the right weight for his/her's age.

Sam's growth
by: Mike

16 weeks is roughly 4 months old. If he is 51 lbs he is a bit over the chart weight for that age. At this rate expect a 90 to 100 lb dog. My dog Baron was about the same weight at that age and he is 105 lbs now at 15 months. You did not give his height which also will determine weight.

by: Anonymous

Our German Shepherd pup is named Sam too. Sounds like a great choice in names.

He started out small, we thought by the growth chart even though the girl we got him from at 13 weeks said he should be big and was the biggest male puppy. But he weighed in at the vet at 26 lbs at 13 weeks. She was feeding him only 1/2 what the chart on the dog food said to feed him and we got a good all natural dog food - Buffalo Blue.

But poor Sam had round worm and we have had problems with diarrhea for almost a month. With a bland diet he is over it and put on 8 lbs last week.

We found he really likes Royal Canin large breed dog food and now at 16 weeks he is 46 lbs. They thought he was big at the vet so your Sam sounds like he is large and doing well.

by: Anonymous

My German's name is Sam too. He is 19 weeks old and is 48 pounds.

Growth Chart Accuracy?
by: Mike

On average, German Shepherds grow 10 lbs per month the first 7 months. Then they tend to taper off to about 2 lbs a month until 1 year of age. They fill out at about 2 1/2 to 3 years old averaging 80 to 100 lbs.

Like people, some have growth spurts at different times during their first year. After 1 year, expect little or no growth.

To know for sure what size your dog will be, look at both parents. And if possible, go back to their grandparents. Their health, food quality, and environment play a part in their development, but only about 10%.

Genetics will determine size, health and temperament.

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