Sandy at 9 months

by V
(Belleville, NJ)

Sandy in Dad's car

Sandy in Dad's car

Her name is Peacan Sandy Kusine. She is a purebred GSD and she came from a Pennsylvania breeder.

She weighs 60 plus pounds right now and is 25" to the withers.

Not sure how about her weight or height when I got her. Didn't take any measurements.

She eats whole earth puppy dog food and she has a good appetite.
She loves to fetch thrown balls and frisbees and walks after work.

She is too smart, very vocal. very fast, and super protective of her Dad. I have had a Pit Bull... great dog, smart, but no comparison.

I have been approached by a trainer 25 years training bomb dogs asked if I would let her be trained as a bomb dog? Maybe maybe not. Leaning towards not.

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