Sarge's growth process...

by Jay

I brought our male puppy Sarge home at 9 weeks, he was weighing in at 17 lbs. at that point. At 10 weeks, Sarge was at 18.5 lbs. He does not eat or finish all of his food at once rather than a little here and there...

I wonder if his size is normal?

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18 weeks, 5 days old
by: jay

Sarge is now 45 lbs, is eating much more now and I am now beginning to see him really growing up. He will be 4.5 months old next week.

17 week update
by: jay

Well, Sarge is now 17 weeks and weighs approx. 41 lbs. He will be exactly 4 months old in 3 days. He sure is growing and can't believe he is 41 lbs already.

15 week update
by: Jay

34.5 lbs, still growing.

14 week update
by: Jay

Sarge's weight is now 31 lbs. I think he is starting to have a big growth spurt. He is really taking a liking to his food now...

13 week update
by: jay

Sarge will be 13 weeks tomorrow. Today he weighed 27lbs. He seems to be growing at a good rate. I feed him royal canin large breed puppy and he loves it!

Sarge's weight update
by: Jay

Sarge is 2 days from being 11 weeks old and is now weighing 20 lbs. He seems to be gaining weight at a decent rate. Of course, we don't want it too fast then it is unhealthy for him.

I will keep making updates. Thank you all for your comments. He is my first German Shepherd and I am trying to educate myself in the process. :)

He is just fine
by: mike


Try to put him on a feeding schedule. 3 meals per day. Leave food out no more than 15 to 20 minutes, then remove until his next scheduled feeding. He may hold out but do not give in. He will eventually learn to eat all his food. Also, make him work for his food.

As far as his growth, he is fine. All dogs have spurts at all different ages. Looking at his paws and large joints he will be large.

Looks right
by: samantha

Comparing your oh so adorable pup's weight with others who have posted their dog's progress it seems he is doing really well.

Do you leave his food out or do you have him on a feeding schedule? Sometimes dogs who get all day access to their food will just pick here and there at it. I have 4 dogs and they get fed on schedules, but they still just nibble and come back. But, now that my new pup is here and is extremely obsessed with food they make sure they clean their bowls quick because they know he will eat it.

I guess all dogs are different in the way they eat. As long as he is gaining weight I would not worry. My Rottweiler is a nibbler and she is now 91 lbs.

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