Sergeant Sweet Face

by Ronnie

Energy level is high very playful but that's just a puppy.

He has a weird bark and when I comb him he sounds like a bear and we'll call him Yogi! He wines like a baby.

He's very smart and easy to train. But when he gets out the first thing he does is run down the street to the neighbors.

He chews every thing including ROCKS and WOOD! Since my niece brought him home along with two others, I picked him because of his face and markings.

She said the lady giving them away spoke Spanish but she heard German Shepard but not sure what else.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Pictures are always helpful for helping us guess what breed your dog might be. If you have any, submit a new post to the German Shepherd Mix page and we'll try to help out!

Just mention in the post that it is an update for Sergeant so the submissions can be merged.

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