Shadow Dancer

by Carmen Edwards
(Jacksonville, Florida)

My GSD Dancer on Christman Eve 2012

My GSD Dancer on Christman Eve 2012

Her name is Dancer.Santa brought him to me for Christmas, hence the name Dancer. She is a purebred GDS.

Right now, she weighs 54 lbs and stands 22". When I got her, she weighed 32 lb. Not sure how tall she was.

She eats Blue Buffalo, large breed puppy food. Not a big eater... Would rather have Abby, the poodle's food.

She plays all day with my 5 yr old standard poodle. Walks the neighborhood every day, visits the dog park on the weekend. Has a blast with all the other dogs. We go to the beach where he likes to dig in the sand.

He's 5 months old, and 54 lbs. Gone thru "puppy school." Picked up everything on the 1st try. He's soooo smart.

Now he rolls over and "high-fives" me... Responds to hand signals. I love him... He's such a joy.

He goes to work with me once a week, loves to ride, my agents and staff look forward to his visits.

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