Shadow - From Homeless to Healthy

by Berlyn Rash
(So. California)

GSD Shadow at 14 1/2 weeks

GSD Shadow at 14 1/2 weeks

Shadow was a rescue. She was dumped, so I know nothing about her parents. When we took her in the vet said that she looked to be pure GSD and was about 7 ½ weeks old. She’s been growing nicely and seems to be a lot thicker than the GSD down the block that is 4 months older than her.

I don’t think Shadow’s going to be a monster size GSD, but she’s not going to be a dainty little flower either. She’s catching up on all the growing she missed out on when she was just a wee little puppy.

8 ½ weeks 8.8 lbs
13 weeks 19.8 lbs
19 ½ weeks 43 lbs

She now just needs to grow into her ears and feet. LOL!

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Shadows name
by: Kirk from the VI

I just came across your post. I too have a German shepherd named Shadow. Believe it or not, but she is a white shepherd. Nice job on the name....

Shadow's Blessing
by: Michael

Good for you on the rescue. Berlyn, sometimes these shelters don't provide the right nutrients and a balanced good food. Therefore they are under nourished and need to be "pumped up."

I read that a good source of protein to promote weight gain is providing chicken skin. You can do the research. I remember the article saying that a dog's stomach are the same as those of wolves, and don't worry about cholesterol since this does not apply to dogs. So, look for a well balanced dog food that contains phosphorous and calcium, much needed for bone growth and muscle development.

I use Eukanuba, my puppy is 13 weeks 30.6 pounds. He is pictured at this site under Rockey right on schedule.

Good Luck...

by: Pearl Rigg

Shadow looks adorable.
Just look at the size of her feet!
Well done you, for rescuing her.

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