Shae's Growth!

by Brittany
(Daytona Beach)

Shae, my Sable German Shepherd

Shae, my Sable German Shepherd

Her name is Shae. She came from Tropisch German Shepherds and is a purebred GSD with sable coloring.

She weighs 51.2 pounds. When I got her, she weighed 10 lbs.

Shae eats Eukanuba excel puppy lamb, switching to Blue Buffalo puppy lamb. As for her appetite, she has recently become a very picky eater.

Shae gets 3-4 walks a day, and plays in the back yard for maybe an hour a day.

Here is her German Shepherd Growth Chart:

2 Months: 10 lbs
3 Months: 19 lbs
4 Months: 29 lbs
5 Months: 42 lbs
6 Months: 51 lbs

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