Skinny GSD - Experienced Raw Food Diet Feeders?

by Melanie

I am new to raw feeding and I am not too sure what needs to be done in order for them to get what they need. My pup is the world's biggest picky eater. I have tried the wet and dry food and etc. and she won't eat it.

I was told about the raw food diet and its benefits from my vet. He did say he doesn't know too much about it, but that he has a lot of clients that feed their dogs a raw food diet and they are the healthiest dogs.

I have already tried her on chicken- she will not eat it, pork- will eat it but not keen, lamb- loves it, beef- likes it, tripe- loves it. If any one can help me come up with a meal plan, I would really appreciate it so much and also if you can help explain the diet to me. I have done searches but it is not explaining it much, unless I am not looking in the right place.

My German Shepherd is 5 1/2 months old, around 40 lbs and thin but not too skinny. I would feel so much better when she eats on a regular basis.

Thanks for any help.

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I am trying a part of the 'raw meat diet' for my GSD
by: Jo-Jo

My GSD Lou-Lou, has been a picky eater from day one. The breeder I got her from was feeding her those chubbs! It was of no interest to her what so ever. She looked chunky but it was all fur! It was clear to me she wasn't getting the food she needed.

I fell in love and decided to bring her home. Due to her lack of nourishment, she had no immune system which in turn resulted in her having Coccidiosis. She was very poorly for 10 days and was put on IV fluids straight away for several days. I was told to feed her chicken and rice but never to give raw. After a few weeks I was advised to slowly wean her off and put her on a dry complete (Royal Canin for GSD puppy or James Wellbeloved). She would't eat either.

I now have her on cooked chicken, rice and complete, morning and night and raw beef at lunch time. I also give her egg, raw bones, carrot, peas and apple for a treat. She now loves meal times and leaves nothing in her bowl.

She is 5 months old and now weighs 35 lbs... she no longer looks like a walking bag of bones... she is on the up :o)

by: Ahmed Hammad

Well you want to simulate a prey model that they would eat in the wild so 80% meat 10% bones 10% organs and half of that is liver (5%).

Start out with half a chicken twice daily and add a piece of liver, then gradually after two weeks start introducing new meats. If her stools are too loose, add more bones in the form of frozen chicken necks.

Feel free to contact me if u need more help.


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