Sleepy Tank

by Michelle Chiba
(San Jose, CA)

His name is Tanku. We got him in Manteca, California.

Tankue is a purebred GSD - Champion Kimelot bloodline.

He currently weighs 40 lbs.

We feed him Blue Diamond Puppy mix. However, he likes to steal from our old GSD dish and that is Blue Diamond adult mix. They both like the salmon flavor.

My dog's appetite is generous to say the least. I think he would eat 4+ cups/day if I gave it to him.

He is a very sleep 3.5 month old. Sleeps too much. I try to get him to run like our 2 year old GSD from the same dad.

I am currently trying to curb his eating but no matter what he is so cute and loveable and a great addition to our family.

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