Sophie and Saddie

They are sisters we just adopted and are very small for 6 1/2 weeks old.

Saddie weighs in at a scrapping 4 lbs 7 oz while her little peanut sister tips the scale at 4 lbs 3 oz. I'm thinking there is a problem.

The breeder was in a huge hurry to have us pick them up. When I went to pick them up I thought they looked a little to small but had no idea they were not even over 5 lbs. I'm worried about their size although they are quite active.

Before the first day was over I discovered tapeworms and found wormer that was ok for 6 wk olds but the pack said for 10 lbs. I cut the amount in half giving to each puppy. Today I found a +/- 18 inch lifless worm in one puppies stool. I'm hoping this is going to do the job but they will be going to the vet soon.

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At 6 weeks
by: Lanes Shepherds

Most pups have worms of some sort and should have their first shots and worming at 6 weeks old.

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