Spencer's German Shepherd Growth

by Lisa B

GSD Spencer

GSD Spencer

Born Oct. 3rd, 2010

Purchased at 16 wks of age
Happy loving boy!

At his checkup at age 16.5 wks he weighed 15 lbs
Today (2/6/11) he weighs 16 lbs.... slow gainer here.

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by: Lisa

We no longer own Spencer. In March, we surrendered him. Spencer was put on medical food at the vet's office, Tylan powder, vitamin b12 shots, biotin and sadly it wasn't helping...

He continued to lose fur (shedding unbelievably) and topped off at 33 lbs. He was too skinny and we couldn't get him to hold his weight due to his excessive tail chasing and spinning.

He now lives at a 'shelter' (really a dog kennel/daycare). Originally they took him, raised funds and wanted to do other more expensive tests. They ended up removing his beautiful tail. He continues to spin.

They wanted to rehome him to a home where someone is home full time, no kids, no other pets... but no takers, so there he stays.

They do love him...who wouldn't!?!

by: Anonymous

How big is he now?

by: Lisa

I forgot to add that Spencer is now on Iams Veterinary low residue dog food. He no longer poops 15 times a day... he still passes very soft stools but is down to once or twice a day. He gets 4 cups of this food daily.

He is still chasing his tail... but now it really seems like he only does this when he is excited... seeing us, being let out of the kennel, put into the kennel, dinner time, play time, rec time..... okay the only time he isn't chasing his tail is when he is on lead walking or in down or sleeping... yea.

July 1st update
by: Lisa

Spencer is doing well.. thank you for your interest!
He is a full long haired GSD.

As of today he is 9 months old and weighs 33.4 lbs. He isn't very big and the vet can find nothing wrong except for a sensitive stomach so we have been experimenting with food, giving Tylan powder and due to his low B12, he is getting a shot a week of that vitamin.

He is a bit on the hyper side but once a lead is on him, he attends, settles in the house and loves to go for walks around town.

GSD spencer
by: Anonymous

Need your update please. My GSD is same as Spencer.
How much does he weigh now? And what diet did you switch him to?

Please advise.

Spencer's progress
by: Nancy

I was hoping for an update on cute Spencer. I have a GSD/Husky and like to see how other puppies of a variety of breeds are growing.

My puppy Acer is 16 weeks and 45 pounds. We love him no matter, shelter pup or AKC!

Update on Spencer's German Shepherd Growth and Training.
by: Anonymous

2.26.2011 - Went to vet today

Weight 20.8 lbs. Has filled out. Doing great since food switch.

Started dog training last week. Now working on being invited out of crate and in and out of doors of house and car.

Took his first real car ride... and proceeded to poop all over the way back... lesson of the day... have him ride in back seat with one of the kids. What a mess but thank goodness for the little green machine!!

GSD Weight and Training Update
by: Lisa Brennan

February 18th, weighed Spencer this morning... 19 lbs!

He now knows
lay down
wait (for food, coming in doors)

Training to...

walk on treadmill... going great!!
No bark

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