Tanner, Large Male Reverse Sable German Shepherd

by Dailo
(Niagara Falls, Canada)

His name is Tanner. Got him from an Ontario CKC Breeder.

He is a purebred GSD.

@ 8 weeks - 26 lbs.
@ 17 weeks - 54.4 lbs.
@ 1 week shy of 6 Months - 87.5 lbs.

He is 26.5" tall now.

I feed him Now Puppy by Pet Curian. He has a vicious morning and evening appetite.

Tanner constantly bullies our 105 pound male, they wrestle day in and day out.

Tanner is a reverse sable, apparently a rare color. His father was 12th in the world for show. We do not intend to show this dog, but we do intend to stud him.

If you wish to see photos of "the Tank", post a reply.

P.S. Our Vet had to see Tanners weight for himself because he couldn't believe it.

We will be weighing him on Monday as it will then be six months (he was a Christmas Day birth).

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