Tasha at 20 Months

by Vandy
(Blr, India)

I got Tasha when she was 8 months old. She weighed around 22 kgs then. She is now 20 months and weighs ~24 kg. She is extremely playful and alert, but has never gained much weight.

I give her homemade food non-veg plus veg mixed with rice, chapati, vegetables, fat and some herbs. I think I do understand that what her ideal diet should be and have done a lot of research and implement most of the knowledge I get.

I give her almost 1 to 2 eggs a day and 1/2 litre of milk and some probiotics (curd). However, with all this she is skinny and everyone thinks I really do not feed enough.

I feed her almost 4 times a day like humans and start with breakfast time, lunch time, tea time and dinner time. What should I do so that she gains more weight?

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Raw feeding and weight
by: Anonymous

The meaty bone I feed is 60% of daily intake ground chicken necks and other raw bone-in fowl with the skin on. The rest is a veriety of other meats with some fat, pureed raw fruit and vegitables and some liver which is the only source of lutein for brain development and frozen green tripe for probiotics and digestive enzymes, fish oil vitamin E, kelp, and a multivitamin for micronutrients.

When I first started feeding raw I didn't consider the effect removing the skin would have and my puppy had ribs showing until I started leaving all the fat and skin on the meat. Essentially he had been on a low cal. meat diet. lol

Also it is wise to make sure he/she is checked for worms and protozoa which can make them lose a lot of weight or just not able to absorb nutrients. I found it essential to leave the skin on to have my puppy gain weight. Fats and oils are very important to coat, skin and brain development.

Feed at least 2% of body weight of the weight you expect your dog to be as a full grown adult each day. Mine eats a bit more... But that's a starting point. And until he is 6 months old you should be feeding at least 3 times a day.

Weight gain
by: Vandy

Thanks for your support and advice. I have put her on BARF diet/RAW dietand give negligible quantity of kibble, and she seems to look a little better (just a shade).

Will update if this really works.

I'm with you
by: Anonymous

I have a Shepherd that is now 16 months old and weighs 60 lbs.

We feed her 5 cups of a high calorie puppy food plus a can of food, plus some boiled chicken total a day; she is healthy, VERY ENERGETIC and skinny, I get the same reaction from people, like I don't feed her or something.

We try probiotics, protein supplements, vitamin pills... nothing really works; so after talking to my vet we just came to the conclusion that she just have a high metabolism and she's good the way she is. As long as she looks and acts healthy yours should be fine.

weight gain
by: Anonymous

I read that chicken skin will make the dogs gain weight. Please research.
Good luck

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