Timmy - An Adult GSD Rescue

by Suzanne
(Wallkill, N.Y. USA)

It will be 2 years in August that we found Timmy.

We were looking at our local humane society shelter for another German Shepherd to add to our family of 2 shepherds and 5 cats. We originally went to the shelter to view two shepherds that were advertised in the local paper. We found out the two shepherds were "not good with cats." We turned to leave the kennel area and noticed Timmy. His head was down and he was all hunched over. He looked like he was on "death's door".

I told my husband that I wanted to see him out of the kennel and to walk with him outside. We asked the shelter people if we could walk him. They said "sure." Outside the loud kennel he walked slumped with his head hanging almost to the ground. It was very sad. He was very sick with parasites. He also seemed deaf.

We inquired about "why" he was at the shelter. We were told his owner could no longer care for him. Timmy was 10 years old. He weighed only 72 lbs. He is a very large boned shepherd and showed just "skin and bones." He looked awful!! There was a slight glimmer in his eyes (very slight). I knew we had to rescue him.

We went back home to get Woody (our other rescued German Shepherd). They would have to meet each other. They did and were okay with each other. We filled out the adoption paperwork that day and picked up Timmy the following day.

Timmy is now a "bouncing" boy of 110 lbs. and acts like a 2 yr. old. There is a sparkle in his eyes everyday. He is a little "stiff" because of his age (but medication helps). He will be able to live out the rest of his days with us. He loves the fenced in back yard... He barks at all the deer that walk by... He loves to be brushed... He loves his short walks... Enjoys all of our cats... Loves staying in with mother-in-law (she lives with us too).

Timmy is our 4th adult rescued German Shepherd (sadly 2 have passed on). We would only adopt an older pet. Rescue a pet and you save a life that can only enrich your own.

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