Titan son of Thor

by Mr & Ms M
(Fairview, Oregon)

Titan at 6 months birthday

Titan at 6 months birthday

My dog's name is Titan. He is a purebred GSD that we got from a non-breeder farm litter.

He weighs 77.5 lbs at exactly 6 months old. His father is 130#s. Titan is 26 inches at the withers.

When we got Titan, he weighed 11 lbs. at 6 weeks old and was approximately 9 inches at the withers.

He eats either Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Salmon or Costco's version Nature's Domain Salmon. We now feed him 2 cups of kibble 3x's daily.

He has a great appetite, we do not free feed, he has learned to eat slowly.

We walk him daily, usually 3-7 miles. He plays with another GSD the same age and we play games and train him daily.

Titan is very smart. He has been through AKC Puppy Star and Obedience 1 Training and has been at the top of his classes. We are getting him neutered, chipped and having his hips checked tomorrow.

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