Tobby, my German Shepherd Belgian Tervuren Mix

by Marilena

Tobby by the Sea

Tobby by the Sea

Tobby by the Sea
Tobby playing
Tobby observing
Tobby relaxing

My dog's name is Tobby!

I rescued him from an abandoned house, he was dropped in when he was 3-4 months old .

i think that he is a Belgian Tervuren cross.

He is loyal, hardworking, very smart and willing to do everything!
he is also a wonderful guard dog and a personal body-guard!

He loves long trails, swimming, running... and playing with other dogs...

I love him to the bit and I don't want to lose such a dog so I want to find a female dog with the same features and character as much as possible. Similar to Tobby so when he passes away to have a part of him...

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