Tucker's Growth Spurts

by Becky
(Atlanta, GA)

Tucker now at 13 months

Tucker now at 13 months

Tucker's Growth First Year

2 months 15 lbs
3 months 26 lbs
4 months 45 lbs
5 months 53 lbs
6 months 63 lbs
7 months 70 lbs
8 months 72 lbs
9 months 80 lbs
10 months 82 lbs
11 months 85 lbs
12 months 90 lbs
13 months 95 lbs

He is 13 months right now. The German Shepherd growth chart differs vastly from his puppy development pattern.

He's skinny too now, super lean.

Comments for Tucker's Growth Spurts

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by: darby

When will my pup German Shepherd get his next growth spurt? He is only 8 weeks old.

To the person asking about feeding
by: Tucker's mom

To the question on feeding:

I feed puppies that I raise and train Raw Diet. It gives them plenty of calcium and it's what the top competitors at my Schutzhund club feed their dogs.

I will be posting an instructional guide with pictures on my website within the next two weeks. It consists of chicken, chicken liver, veggies and a few other ingredients. It's surprisingly cheap and easy. www.atlantaworkingdogs.com is where I will post it.

On their own
by: Anonymous

Tucker's ears went up on their own when he was 9 weeks. If they're not up by 4 months old, go ahead and tape them up for a week or so and they should go up. If he's not purebred, then they might be just too soft to go up. Have they ever been up in the past?

Growth and Ears
by: samantha

Tucker is a great looking boy. My boy is about 25 lbs now at 3 months. I hope he has the same growth pattern. We are not even sure he is a full german shephard.

Did Tucker's ears go up on their own and if so at what age? Mickey's ears just kinda hang at the sides.

Blackwood Pet Food
by: Anonymous

We feed him Blackwood 5000. Tucker's always been super picky and has barely eaten anything growing up. Many days he didn't eat anything at all, maybe eating about 5 days out of the week and one meal a day. I couldn't get him to eat two meals no matter what I tried.

I don't believe it's in what you feed them, I believe its just the weight they are genetically programmed to reach. Apparently Tucker was programmed to be big like his father even though he was a small pup.

He was the runt in the litter, but the best pick for Schutzhund. Not even the breeder could get him to eat because he was too obsessed with toys. Makes him great for Schutzhund though.

I have to not feed him a day ahead to make him even work for hotdogs though. He cares that little for food.

I had another showline in the past who was 60 lbs at 6 months and didn't grow a pound past that. Even at a year old, he went down to 59 lbs. He ate like a horse too but had no parasites or anything wrong with him. He was just programmed to stop growing then.

West German show lines
by: Tucker's mom

He was the smallest in the litter. His mother and father are both show dogs. His dad was Kalli Von der Werther-Muhle and was v-10 in the World Sieger show. Both parents are within the standard and great dogs.

All the showlines I know are larger dogs and super healthy with great hips. Tucker's in great health too, no problems.

Tucker's Growing Fast
by: Jennifer

Wow, what are you feeding him? It sounds like he is off to a fast start!

Do you know what type of bloodlines he has? The chart is based on the FCI standard.

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