Tycen and Justis

by Amy

Tycen at 9 weeks old weighed in a sturdy 30 pounds. He was a bit pup and is now turning 2 years old in November!

The last I had him weighed they said 72 pounds, but Tycen is a big boy, I think the scale was wrong. I know he's more than that but he's a slender straight back GSD.

Justis on the other hand, I don't think I was given her truthful age when I got her. She's almost 10 months and she looks more like 6 or 7 months old????

She is also a straight back but the size difference between them is so noticeable?!

Any good ideas on what the best food to feed them to maybe help Justis grow better and to fatten Tycen up a little??

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Belle 10 weeks 30 lbs
by: Anonymous

Well, I believe it.

My Belle is 10 weeks and weighs 30 lbs. I was told she probably has king sheppard in her blood line somewhere. Both mom and dad were pretty big.

Don't think so
by: Anonymous

9 weeks at 30 lbs get real, please

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