Tyson's Growth

by TysonGSD

My German Shepherd Puppy Tyson

My German Shepherd Puppy Tyson

Tyson is an amazing and smart puppy and a wonderful addition to our family. His father was a huge 95 lb Shepherd and his mother was 80 lbs.

He is a big puppy. Here is his chart. I'll update as he gets bigger.

11 weeks-22.2 lbs
14 weeks-33.8 lbs
17 weeks-45.4 lbs
20 weeks-50.6 lbs

PS: Does anyone have suggestion on puppy food?
I have been feeding him Royal Canin 24 for pups, but recently he has not been eating as much as he used to. I also want the best food for him.


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Raw Food Reply/ Tyson update
by: Anonymous

Hey thanks for the information!

I actually ended up switching his dog food to Orijen Large Breed Puppy Food & he loves it!

Tyson is now 6 months & 2 weeks and weighed in at 67.5 pounds at the vet yesterday.Everyone who sees him is shocked when I tell them he is only 6 months old.

Pictures coming soon!!

My pics are too large?
by: Presleys Dad

I tried to send some pics of Presley on the RAW diet but I got a message saying they were too large, and I don't know how to make them any smaller.

Any suggestions?


From German-Shepherd.Lore.com

You can email them to me: jennifer (at) german-shepherd-lore (dot) com and I will resize them for you and update your post.

Just mention 'Presley update' so I will know which post to update.


Raw Food Diet
by: Anonymous

I feed Presley the Raw 80-10-10 "prey model" diet now due to all the recalls!

I was feeding him TOTW before and I will never go back to commercial dog food now that I see how much better he does on the prey model diet...

There is a learning curve when feeding raw and I would suggest that you read alot before switching if you decide to switch.

Dogster.com has a wonderful raw food diet forum that would be a great place to start...

Good Luck

Tyson's pictures
by: Tyson's owner

All the pictures I have of Tyson up there are from when he was 9-14 weeks, and does anyone know if and how I can add more recent ones?


Comment from German-Shepherd-Lore.com
You can add a new submission to the German Shepherd Growth Chart page and include the pictures. I can then merge it with your previous submission.

Just let me know that it is an update for Tyson. :)


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