Tyson's slow growth - underweight

by Pritam
(Bbsr, Orissa, India)

Tyson's Slow German Shepherd Growth

Tyson's Slow German Shepherd Growth

My pup is 4 months old and just weighs about 9 kg. I feed him one time raw chicken and rice. And three times eukanuba puppy food.

That makes it 4 times feeding a day. But still no real gain in weight??

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Underweight 10 week fem GSD
by: Naomi

I also have the same problem with my female GSD. I bought her from someone nearby since I want to have a GSD, then we went to the vet.

I realized that she was so small for her age. Before she's only 1.5 kg by the time she was only 7 weeks, then on her last visit she only weights 2.1 at the age of 10 weeks. I feed her 4x a day.

Now I want to ask if she will grow to her appropriate height and weight soon? Is there someone who has a similar case?

Btw I do my best to make her healthy. :)

7 week GSD with 1 kg weight
by: Dinesh

My puppy is almost 7 weeks old but his growth is very slow, His weight is around 1 kg. We give him cerelac, bread, and milk as per advised by vet.

Is there any problem?

Even I am having a 4 month GSD
by: aarav

i got him when he was 40 - 45 days old.

He was only 6.5 kg when he was at 2.5 months. Now, he's 15 kg.

I feed him 2 times pedigree and 1 time rice and curd and some times 4 times I feed him ( the same ).

Don't worry... just de-worming is needed and some love too :) He'll be a big and healthy German Shepherd.


Slow growth sometimes happens as a normal process
by: Si Tien Lieng

Your pup will be huge, don't worry too much; however, pay close attention to his feces, if you notices any blood or diarrhea or some moving particles in the feces, you should let your vet know. The normal deworming can't get rid of certain type of worms such as coccidia or tapeworm. They need special doses of medication.

If everything goes well, then your pup will reach his genetic size at full growth.

He is....
by: Anonymous

Full blooded. Vvery familiar with German blood lines, and to me this GSD looks full blooded. I'm not sure who told you he wasn't, but he has no other markings to suggest otherwise.

I'm the proud owner of a GSD import, and she looks just like this, but with more black and red. The American blood lines are very different than the German lines, but still look similar.

Tyson's slow growth
by: GSD Owner

He looks like a GSD to me.

He is under weight by about 7 kg at 4 months, however he looks healthy and happy which is the most important thing. Stick with the Eukanuba but mix it with fresh pet mince from your local butcher (steer clear from roo mince). He should be eating between 3-4 times a day till he's 12 months old.

To see if he's under weight run your hands firmly down his sides, If you can feel his ribs easily then he is under weight, if however there is a nice healthy layer of fat between the skin and rib he's fine.

He may just be a small GSD.

If you're really worried take him to the breeder and ask their opinion.

by: Anonymous

Yes his de-worming's are up-to-date. As done n suggested by my vet.

by: Pritam

My breeder told me it was a pure breed GSD. Further I have seen both his parents. But now I have doubts and goosebumps go'ng around in my mind.

If he's not a purebreed, any idea what mix he could be??

Tysons slow growth-underweight.
by: Pearl

He looks real cute.

Have you kept up to date with his worming program?

Some GSD's grow faster than others. He may suddenly start to gain weight and grow.

Have him checked over by a vet if you are overly concerned.

Good Luck
by: Anonymous

Considering your dog is not a full German Shepherd - you can see this in Tyson's body - find out the other mix.

This is most probably why the growth is slow.

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