VPI Pet Insurance

by Jeff M

I got my German Shepherd puppy when he was only eight weeks old from a no kill animal rescue group. The puppies had been found in the streets and were saved by the people at the shelter.

Wanting to be a good owner I purchased pet insurance from VPI. I was told that it would cover some of my regular medical expenses as well as emergencies. I was required to pay my vet upfront and receive reimbursement. Every time I tried to file a claim I was told that I didn’t have the correct code or what I was filing for was not covered. Even when my dog cut his nose in an accident and needed stitches they told me that the vet did not fill out their invoice correctly.

I had prepaid the insurance for a year to get the discount and was never reimbursed for any of my claims. Since I dropped the insurance I have done better working out a payment plan with my vet. She offers routine care at an affordable rate and is reasonable with everything else. I am saving money by not having the insurance and my dog is still getting high quality care.

I would not recommend VPI pet insurance to anyone.

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