What is my puppy mixed with?

German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherd Mix
German Shepherd Puppy Mix

She is five months old. She is hyper but likes to cuddle. Unfortunately hard to potty train. She is extremely protective of my son and I and our home. If someone is near our door regardless if the door is open or closed, we will know about it.

She likes to be at my side. Loves to play. We take her on walks to the river and I let her go to let her test the waters. She scoped out the area and came right back to my side. She is super smart. It amazes me that she stays by my side like she does, but that must be the Shepherd in her.

She has a mini tail. It is NOT a nub! Its about half a tail, like an Akita, or like it was bitten or cut off. She also runs kind of sideways, but maybe all dogs run a little funny. She has a medium length nose, not as long as a full Shepherd. She is mostly shades of brown with black facial features and a white neck.

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