What other breed is my Lady Girl GSD mixed with?

by Shay

Lady GIrl, my German Shepherd puppy mix at 6 months

Lady GIrl, my German Shepherd puppy mix at 6 months

My dog's name is Lady Girl.

My husband and I adopted her from a shelter when she was 7 weeks old. She had been left on the side of the road and obtained a fungal infection causing her to lose her tail hair. We took her in to give her a good home and now she is 6 months and more beautiful than we could have imagined!

The vet and the shelter both said she could likely be mixed with Husky due to her fluffy coat and gray mixed with the shepherd coloring.

Her appetite is good. She eats like a horse and grows daily!

She is mostly an outside dog. We have a very large fenced in back yard where she plays. We also walk her about a mile to 2 miles a day and play with her a lot.

Lady Girl is very smart. She learns very easily and listens pretty well. She is very vocal (talks back when we tell her no, barks outside a lot, etc.).

Lady Girl is very friendly and loves people. She also gets along with other dogs. She is mostly colored like a shepherd, but has been getting a lot of gray where there has previously been tan fur.

The picture attached is from about 2 weeks ago. She was close to 6 months. We would just like to know what other breed may be in her.

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