Willa Roo the Rescue

by Delane

Willa Roo, my Rescue GSD

Willa Roo, my Rescue GSD

This is Willa Roo (long story behind the name)!

She came to be with us after being dumped on my sister-in-law's property because of a heart murmur and hook worms. Luckily my sister-in-law is a vet tech, and was able to treat her and bring her back to health! No worms or murmur in sight!

The vet she has been seeing breeds GSDs and says she believes she is a long haired German Shepherd, but I suppose we will never really know for sure.

When we first brought Willa home, she weighed in at 7.3 pounds, but after just 3 weeks she is at 10.8 and climbing. We have been feeding her ProPlan, and she seems to like it pretty well, seeing as she scarfs it down like it will run out tomorrow. We like to play with her in the yard and take her on walks to get out a lot of that puppy energy! My other dog keeps her moving as well.

Willa is a sweet heart, and very loyal already. I'm hoping her ears stick up, but they haven't perked up yet (she is 9 weeks/pictured at 7) and any info on when they should would be grateful. Also, f any of y'all have any idea if she could be mixed with another breed, or if she seems completely GSD I would appreciate any input.

Thank you!

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