Zeus's growth

by Craig
(Reading, PA)

Zeus is now 4 months old and weighs 49 lbs. I see he is ahead of the growth chart. I was wondering what somebody might think on how big he might get?

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Apollo's growth chart
by: August

Apollo is 5 months today: 59.0 lbs and 23.5 at the withers. It looks like he will be around Zeus' growth chart.

Apollo's growth rate
by: August

I have an Old Style German Shepherd male (German lines obviously). His mother about 95 lbs and his dad is 125 lbs. He is 18 weeks today, 48.2 lbs and 22 inches at shoulder (withers).

I'll keep posting updates but he's expected to hit at least 100 lbs by 1 yr.

Zeus update
by: Anonymous

Zeus wiil be 9 months old July 30th. He is now 90 lbs, and stands 28" tall. Looks like he will weigh in at over 100 lbs when said and done. He is already a handfull!!!!

Zeus' growth
by: craig

Zeus will be 6 months old April 30 and he now weighs 68 pounds and stands 25 inches tall. He's growing like a weed.

I have GS puppy that is
by: Anonymous

15 weeks old and weighs 45 pounds. His dad weighed 84 pounds at 12 months old and 27" at the shoulder, was a little thin for my liking.

We call King Board Patrol, his feet are huge and seems very tall for 15 weeks (20.5" at the shoulder). Your pup seems to be very similar in size, would guess he will go 90 pounds minimum at maturity.

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