Zorro the Seniorita

by Victoria Osteen

Zorro is 5 months and 66 lbs.

He is oozing with muscles and looks like the hulk ( dog version )

The cats love him, and the ladies adore him.
He moves in the shadows and poops in the light.

He is tall and handsome, 25 inches tall
and as broad as a baby.

He cries out to the blue corn moon.
He asks the grinning bob cats why they grinned.

He barks with all the colors of the rainbow.
He makes the ladies zealous and the fellers jealous.

An elegant beast he is.

He walks like a deer and sleeps in his lair.
He talks like a man and farts like a bear.

Who is this beast?
Zorro is his name from the east.

God bless this child who's found his way home.

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