6 month old pup with hip dysplasia

by Melanie

Well Maya is 6 months old and weighs 42 lbs, she is under weight and I am really worried as I have had a real hard time getting my girl to eat. So, I took her into the vet and the first thing the vet said was she looks wobbly in her back legs and wants to do an x-ray. It confirmed hip dysplasia but a mild case of it at the moment but was told it will get worse as she gets older.

More tests are being carried out as the vet is also looking for a shunt which will determine why she isn't eating and if she got that then it is surgery for my pup. Fingers crossed she doesn't need surgery.

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by: Anonymous

Just found out my 6 month GSD has hip dysplasia plus other joint problem with the front leg.

Been referred to a vet in Bristol. Broken hearted.

Can anybody help?

I can't stress the need for insurance
by: Coco puff

Our puppy's operation was two months ago. She has already been to her follow up visit. The Vet was pleased with her progress.

I will say this, that post op care was more than we bargained for because of the restrictions placed on the dog. No jumping, running, playing with other dogs. No up and down stairs. She has had to lay still for two months. She was only allowed 3 x 3 minutes walks a day.

We were eventually allowed 5 x 15 minute walks a day. We still have to have her on leash until January. The most difficult task was to keep the dog's mind stimulated. We were fortunate because one of us was home with her at all times. I have no idea how we would have made it if we both worked during the day. We would have had to have a dog sitter or place her in a kennel for during the day.

Our puppy has been worth all the work and time we have put into her.I will say this we got a larger insurance policy for any future health problems. We raised it from 4,000 dollars (25,000 kr) to 8,000 dollars (50,000).

Sorry for your puppy
by: CoCo Puff

We have had the same problem with our 9 month old puppy.

Her limp came and went with no rhyme or reason. We have just had her operated on for a fragmented processus coronoieus =osterochonderos (In Swedish) in her right elbow. It is caused by a little piece of cartilage that is partially loose and causes pain and inflammation.

It is a 2-3 month recovery but we had pet insurance that covered it. Most dogs are limp free after the operation. Our local vet knew something was wrong but couldn't find it even after taking x-rays. He then referred us to an orthopedic specialist who diagnosed it.

It required 18 x-rays from different angles on both front legs to compare and diagnose problem. The orthopedic surgeon told us that this type of injury was common with GSD and Labradors which our puppy is a mix of GSD, Labrador and Collie.

I hope this helps you.


hip dysplasia
by: Archie's mum

Hi - I had a pup born with hip dysplasia (springer), like you was of course worried at first, but he compensated for the problem himself by running slightly differently (like a rabbit!), and not jumping as much as his breed normally does....he was on supplements for most of his life just to fend off joint problems.

He had a happy and otherwise healthy life, and died pain free just before Christmas 2012 at the grand old age of 16.

Dogs are amazing creatures and seem to cope with their ailments much better than we could.

Hope all goes well. xx

6 month puppy hip dysplasia
by: Sara is Sad

I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions, I have contacted an orthopedic surgeon to see what others things I can do. I have started adding supplements to her diet for her joint.

The Breeder is giving us a full refund, or they will give us another puppy when one is available. She was a new bitch in the breeding program, first litter, she is pulling bitch out of her breeding. She has never had a problem with this with other pups prior. Regardless it does not erase the fact that we are put in this position.

6 month old with hip dysplasia
by: Sara is Sad

Just had our 6 month old German Shepherd x-rayed, confirmed hip dysplasia. She is currently 50 pounds and very lean.

We are in contact with the place we purchased her from as she came with a guarantee. We will have money refunded.

They rated her one hip a 2 and the other a 3. As a family, we are heart broken as we are not sure what course to take. We can see an orthopedic surgeon, but our one vet is not even sure if at this stage of growth it would be helpful.

She has a great temperament, his other concern is as she grows more and she fills out she may have more pain then she already does.

I have had a German Shepherd in the past and love the breed and trying to determine what is in her best interest. We do not have 5000 plus to spend medically in today's economic times, I wish we did...but we are still raising three sons.

Any suggestions?

Physical Therapy Vet
by: Adrraiya

It really sux that your breeder is such a butt-head & that your pup is showing early problems with HOD.

I have a Dingo who got kicked when @ 4 months old. He was dislocated in both hips. Went to my vet, then to a specialist. We discussed surgery & decided this was his only option. $3,500 later & his surgery was a huge success. He is now 9 & doing well.

4 years ago, I fostered Brutus, a puppy who had genetic HOD (like your pup)... it was a "light case" like you describe & because it was caught early we were able to do Physical Therapy instead of the surgery. He is now 5 & does on-going excersizes specific to keep his HOD in check. It has always been an option to have surgery when/if he needed it. Because of how well he has done with his PT & on-going excersizing, I doubt he will need surgery & if he does, it will be when he is much older.

I would highly recommend you speak with a PT vet & see if they can help you find early solutions to this.

Sorry for your Puppy
by: Michael

I agree there are not so good breed representatives out there. I suggest the same - take the Puppy back and demand your money back or another puppy.

Think about it, this is a condition for life, are we willing to spend the next 10-15 years in pain? Not being able to enjoy the puppy... besides the vet expenses... sometimes we have to make hard decisions however, is for the benefit of all.

Sorry for her pain. Good Luck.

German Shepherd limp
by: chris

Blitz, my German Sheppard is going on nine months. Since he was a pup he's had a little bit of a limp. Vet says doesn't seem to be a problem. Not quite sure if i believe that or not or need a new vet.

Seems as though in the morning before I take him for a walk, he limps a bit on his front leg and about midway through the walk he seems to be ok. It's like it stiffens overnight and/or while he is at rest.

He is growing faster than the charts and just a bit concerned it may grow into a more serious problem. Anyone have any type of experience with this?

Thanks for your time.

Name & shame
by: worldcitizen

Name and shame the Breeder, both kennel name and there actual names, why not the address.

My pup with hip dysplasia
by: Melanie

Yes, I did get her from a breeder and I have tried to contact them but they have not returned my calls or emails. Maya is registered with the kennel club so I contacted them and requested any health screenings on the parents as it states on her papers. I was told there are no known records for them so not too sure if her papers were forged or what.

Maya is on pain meds, anti-inflammatories and joint supplements and this is going to go on for her entire life. She is only a baby, so yes I am disgusted with the breeder.

Sorry to hear
by: Anonymous


Did you get your pup from a breeder? If so you need to go back and let them know. There are a lot of no-good peeople out there who have no idea how to breed. It makes you mad.

Hope your pup will be okay.

Australia Adelaide

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