Black Shadow's Growth

by Kate

Shadow, my Black German Shepherd

Shadow, my Black German Shepherd

His name is Shadow.

I got him from a breeder located in Caboolture, Queensland, Australia. He is

He is a purebred black German Shepherd with with Czech lines.

He weighs19 kgs at 17 weeks. When I got him, he was Just on 8 or so kilos at 7 weeks.

Shadow eats Advance Puppy Large Breed dog food. He is fed 2 cups of dry food twice a day, with either bones or chicken necks.

He loves to play and gets a 20 minute walk.

Shadow started off a little small as he had a few weeks where he suffered the runs, which cleared up when we put him on Advance. He's still got huge paws. We are hoping he'll turn out to be a big fella. He's finished puppy school and we are now looking for an obedience class for him.

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Re Koko
by: Kate

Hi Jodie,

As Koko is a female I wouldn't expect she will grow as big as a male - Shadow is now 2.5 years old and weighs 42 kgs. We keep an eye on his food intake to keep him trim as being overweight can cause them hip and elbow problems. Shadow is quite a solid dog so at that weight he is in good shape, but that would probably be too heavy for a showline GSD.

If you are on facebook I'd recommend joining a couple of GSD groups and posting some photos of Koko asking what experienced GSD owners think of her weight. Vets can be a bit more generous with GSD weight if they don't know the breed well.


by: Jodie

Hi Kate,

I also have a pure bred black German Shepard which I got from a breeder in Lyndhurst Victoria, and she is 10 months old.

I just got her weighed at the vet and she is 33 kg and I'm not sure if she should weigh that much yet. She has 1 cup of Kibble in the morning and 2 cups at night. She also gets bones twice a week, we are using black hawk fish and potato dry food as we also have a 6 yr old husky who has a sensitive stomach and can only eat that food or bones.

I find that a lot of people are unaware that the German Shepard can be totally black and always ask me what she is crossed with, which is annoying.

I would put a picture on here but I can't see where I can attach one.

Big Black Puppy Thor
by: Katrina

Hi Kate,

We also got our GSD from a breeder at Caboolture (Carlo). And he's all black also :)

He was the largest of his litter of 12 and weighed 7.5 kgs when we got him at 8 weeks old.

At 4 months old, when he had his last puppy vaccination at the vet, he weighed 23.9 kgs.

He has such a lovely temperament and is a gentle giant also.

He has 2 cups of kibble 3 times a day, sometimes with a raw egg cracked over the top, other times with a can of tuna over the top.

Update on Mr Shadow
by: Kate

My boy is now 10 months old and he's 40kgs, which is about 90 pounds? He's a big boy!

I have seen so many people critiquing large shepherds... Shadow gets one meal a day and I wouldn't call it large! He's just grown that big, we definitely didn't encourage it. He gets high quality dry food with kangaroo/beef mince, which is hardly fattening.

Unfortunately about 3 weeks ago he was attacked by a husky which almost resulted in his eye being pierced. Thankfully just above his eye was bitten and he recovered fully, but it was awful. No more dog park for him! He's such a sweet giant, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body and didn't fight back at all. The other dog is lucky he didn't because he's a good 10kgs heavier!!

Keep up the comments with your dogs, I love to read about them :)

Shadow USA
by: Charlie

Shadow must be going thru a growing spurt for he has doubled his food intake (no worms we had it checked). He is now 15 months and I think he is going to start filling out.

He's 90 lbs so we will have to see how much he fills out. I hope your Shadow is doing well.

Shadow USA
by: Charlie

We have an all black pure bred GSD who is very big boned. At his last vet visit, he was 90 lbs at 14 months. Vet expects him to hit 135-140 in the next 12 months.

His father was 145 and his grandfather was 140. Both were police dogs - we got them at a local breeder who mostly breeds police or military dogs. They have a web page they are highly recommended.

Update + response
by: Kate

Hi :)

How exciting! I would love to see photos of your puppy! When was he born, Shadow was 15/6/13, maybe they are brothers?

Shadow seemed quite small for a while, but he had a big growth spurt after a while and now weighs over 35 kgs coming up to his 7 months. We are expecting him to be around 40 kgs when he's full grown, but the vet thinks possibly up to 45 kgs...

He's still on 2-3 cups of food a day but his appetite dramatically dropped off about a month ago, so I only feed him once a day. He gets some chicken pieces, or chicken necks with those biscuits and he gets a big bone to chew on most days.

Shadow's had some problems with chewing on plants he shouldn't, and we always know when because his poop goes that yellow colour. Apparently puppies are very susceptible to stomach upsets.

I would love to know more about your boy, I love hearing about other puppies from his breeder!

Hope you had a lovely xmas and new years!

Black shep from Caboolture as well
by: Anonymous

Son has dog from same breeder.

He is now 6 months old and 25 kg. I'm thinking that's too light???

He was on Optima puppy. Have changed to raw meats & vegetables and bones as his p... were very yellowish and very soft. He was getting 2 to 3 cups twice a day of Optima and still hungry.

Son moved into new house. Changed to raw with no other dog p...s now better and now need to buy scales to weigh him.

What age and weight is Black Shadow now? Would be great to compare.

Merry xmas

by: Kate

He's now 31 kgs at 6 months.

by: Kate

Shadow is now 20 weeks old and weighs 24 kgs.

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