Dante on the Small Side

by Leslie

Dante at 8 weeks

Dante at 8 weeks

I got Dante at 7 weeks from a woman whose dogs had puppies and she did not want them.

She told me he is full blooded. However, at 7 weeks he weighed only 5 lbs. He has had soft stools with diarrhea off and on for the past 2 1/2 weeks.

I feed him Taste of the Wild food as often as he is hungry and he is now 11 lbs at 9 weeks. He is still small but steadily gaining weight.

He is under vet care and currently on antibiotics for the diarrhea and it seems to be improving. His activity level has greatly increased and he seems happy and playful and very smart. The vet says he looks healthy otherwise.

I am very hopeful he will turn out just fine but I am a little concerned about the possibility of EPI, primarily because he is so small and has had diarrhea for so long. I would like to try another food but I am concerned about upsetting his tummy even more.

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Update on Dante
by: Leslie

Hello, I wanted to give an update. Dante is now a little over a year old and he is around 100 lbs.

He is very healthy and extremely well behaved. He loves going running along while I or my husband rollerblade with him. He actually takes the leash in his mouth and pulls me if I try to stop.

I have not had any other health issues with him since he was a puppy. I would love to post an updated picture but I can't figure out how to log back in to my original post.

From german-shepherd-lore.com
Glad to hear Dante is doing so well! Would love to see an updated picture!

If you create a new submission on German Shepherd Growth Chart, you can upload any pictures there and I will merge it with your current page.


Proud of you
by: Anonymous

Good to hear that someone loves their dog more then their money.

Keep up your good work and would appreciate a recent picture. I have a GSD and he weighed 15 lb at 10 weeks simply due to starvation. He is being well fed now and at 7 months weighs 66 lb.

He is not obese and is very well built and strong. My vet claims that for his age he is doing very well

follow up on Charlie
by: JT Brough

Well, Charlie isn't a German Shepherd anything. More of a Red German Pinscher mixed with who knows what.

6 months, 12 pounds...

He's got great genes, wherever they came from.

Shepherd Mix
by: JT Brough

Those who have seen Charlemagne all notice he's chiefly German Shepherd, but as to what the rest is no one knows. Maybe boxer, but he's an estimated 7 weeks (was abandoned at our church - where'd they leave the baby was my first question), 4 pounds and had some roundworms. He's paper trained somewhat and plays fetch.

I'm getting him into "Nature's Recipe", but thanks for the post about smallish Shepherds.

Dante on the small side
by: Leslie

Thank you for your comments Brian.

It is encouraging to read how many people have had similar experiences with their puppies. Dante is now 22 lbs at 13 weeks. I've stopped over analyzing his weight and I'm just having fun with him. The vet continues to tell me he looks great.

Sumo's Growth
by: Brian

I saw your post and I too had the same exact problem.

My GSD was 5 pounds at 7-8 weeks and he progressed very slowly. Currently, he is almost 11 months now and weighs 75 pounds.

I too thought there was not much hope for my GSD to be at his full potential, but he made it. I believe he will be quite a bit bigger after he fills out. He is pretty thin at the weight he is at now.

I tried all kinds of foods and he did not like many of them. I finally ended up on Wellness large breed puppy formula and he has done great ever since 4 or 5 months old.

Here is my post if you want to see more about the first few weeks of his life.

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