DNA Testing for Dogs

DNA Testing for Ancestry

DNA testing for dogs

The BioPet DNA Breed Identification Kit is an easy-to-use home kit for DNA testing for dogs. This dog breed test recognizes 62 breeds which covers 92.5% of America's mixed breed dog population.

Along with the DNA test results, you will receive:

  • Ancestry Analysis Certificate
    Suitable for framing
  • Behavior, Health and Personality Summary
    Provides general information about each of the identified breeds

Accurate Canine DNA Testing

Can a cheek swab provide as accurate a canine DNA testing sample as a blood test?

Because DNA is found in almost all cell types, chances are high that you will be able to gather an appropriate sample. There are drawbacks, however, including a risk of contamination and too few cells being obtained for successful testing.

In order to avoid collecting an unusable sample size, BioPet Vet Lab includes a card that changes color to indicate that a sufficient sample is present. Of the nearly 1 million DNA samples submitted to the American Association of Blood Banks in 2006, over 98% were buccal cheek swabs. Less than 1% were blood samples.


  • Cheapest dog DNA test on the market
  • DNA card changes color to ensure an accurate sample is collected for dna testing labs
  • Includes a pre-paid envelope for returning the sample
  • Results come in 2 weeks


  • 62 breeds recognized
  • Now only available on Amazon

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