Dog Breed Test

dog breed testiconThe Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test is the most comprehensive dog breed test.

Its results pull from the largest database on the market, performing over 7 million calculations, using 11 models and analyzing 321 markers

Canine DNA Testing Benefits

Why dog DNA testing?

Understanding the genetic background of your dog will help you tailor her

It will also identify the not so obvious physical traits and behaviors of your dog.

Accurate Dog DNA Testing

Isn't blood required for a DNA test?

In 2006, According to the American Association of Blood Banks, of the nearly 1 million DNA samples submitted to DNA testing labs, over 98% were buccal cheek swabs. Less than 1% were blood samples. Virtally all cell types contain DNA.

Dog DNA Testing for Ancestry

With the Wisdom Panel Insights dog breed test, you will receive an official Ancestry Report that examines the last three generations:

  1. Parent
    This level comprises 50% of your dog's DNA. It will explain most physical and behavioral traits. Note that dogs from mixed breed parents may not have one specific breed at this level.

  2. Grandparent
    The grandparents make up approximately 25% of your dog's heritage. Your dog may reflect some of their physical and behavioral traits. Dogs with a very mixed ancestry may not show one specific breed at this level.

  3. Great Grandparent
    Your dog will exhibit approximately 12.5% of the genes from its great grandparents. Unless a specific breed is determined to be dominant, you are unlikely to see many traits from this breed.

For each breed shown in your dog's pedigree, a breed snapshot is included. This includes a photo and breed overview, diagram of ears, muzzle and tail as well as common traits associated with the breed. See a sample dog dna report.


  • Tests for over 185 different breeds
  • Results received in 3 weeks


  • Not all breeds can be detected at a high confidence level

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