Duke, Purebred Long-Haired German Shepherd Pup 13 weeks-40 lbs

by Jessica
(Ontario, Canada)

I have a 13 week old purebred, long haired German Shepherd puppy named Duke.

At 11 weeks, he weighed 33 lbs, now at 13 weeks he weighs around 40 lbs.

Both of Dukes parents are short haired GSD's and relatively "normal" sized. His father is full black and his mother black and tan.

Duke was the ONLY puppy in the litter out of 11 pups that had long hair, and he was also the largest. By a lot...

When I took him to the vet for the first time at 11 weeks the vet said he is very large for his age, and his bone structure is similar to a mastiff.

Before Duke, I had another long haired GS who was also the only long haired puppy in the litter, with two short haired parents. Her name was Zora. She died of cancer a couple of months ago. She was also very large, especially for being a female. At her largest she was 120 lbs.

I am thinking that Duke will be even larger..

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