Duke... Small German Shepherd?

by Shelby
(Las Vegas, NV)

Duke, my small GSD

Duke, my small GSD

His name is Duke. I got him from an ad.

I was told he is a purebred GSD, but I'm wondering if he may be a mix.

He weighs 6 lbs right now. When I got him, he weighed 4 lbs.

I feed him puppy chow. He is always hungry and continues to always want more.

What kind of exercise does your dog get?
plays with my lab and gets walks

I'm super concerned about his weight because he isnt yet up to par with the growth chart... i just want him to be healthy and at his full potential.

At 6 weeks he was 4 lbs which seems rather small, and at 7 weeks he was 6 lbs. I take him to the vet tomorrow so hopefully he's grown!

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by: Anonymous

I have a five month old female GSD. She is close to 55 pounds.

by: Anonymous

I agree with food quality. Our GSD was 7 lbs at 7 weeks. He is now 10.5 months old and close to 80 lbs.

German Shepherd Puppy
by: Anonymous

My GS pup was supposedly 8 weeks when I got him, however, I now know he was younger. I was concerned that he was much smaller than what he should be, but now at 3 months he's right on track.

I feed him Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy. It never hurts to give them a little extra protein though.

Kibble is cruelty
by: Anonymous

Dont listen to these industry patsies. Feed him raw food - meat, like an animal should be eating. Any brand of kibble feeding is animal abuse.

My GSD was 19 lbs at 9 weeks so I think he is small.

He also shouldn't have been allowed to leave his mother at 6 weeks. That's at least 2 weeks too early.

Food quality
by: Anonymous


Duke is definitely a GSD and he is beautiful. When I got my two girls at 6 weeks they weighed 5 lbs and 7 lbs respectively.

The most important thing I can tell you is that the quality of food is REALLY important. Grocery store dog food won't cut it to make your dog strong and healthy and grow to his full potential (it's like eating Burger King everyday).

I started out with Nutra Source puppy food (dry) and mixed in Avengers canned puppy food. I fed them 4 times daily the exact recommend feeding on the product.

They gained 4 lbs every three weeks like clockwork (when I took them for their vaccinations they got weighed). They now eat Natural Balance Hi Protein, beef, buffalo, and venison canned food mixed with their dry food - still the same recommended amount - and they are huge and strong like horses at 7 months old.

One weights 62 lbs (her frame is huge) though she is going to be very large at full grown. I may have to bump up her feeding amount because she looks a little skinny at her weight (with following the recommended amount of food)

My other girl weighs 52 lbs and she will be a " normal" sized female. My suggestion is buy a higher protein wet food (like 10% or better) and mix it in with a high quality dry food. I don't do all wet because it's too expensive and my pups like to crunch dry food.

Good luck with Duke. He is going to surprise you!

by: Sheila

I believe that it would be better for Duke to be on a higher quality food. Puppy Chow is not very good.

Go to a pet store like Tysol and talk the person there. Other foods like Large puppy Orijen - I feed my GSD puppy this food - are very good.

Please let us know how he is getting along.

Daisy was small too
by: Anonymous

We got a female GSD when she was 8 weeks old. She only weighed 7 lbs at that point but she's 5 months old now and only a few ounces under average.

Good quality puppy chow and lots of love and exercise will do wonders :)

Vet Visit
by: Jennifer

Hope you got good news at the vet. Would love to hear how Duke is doing. Keep us posted!

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