German Dog Names

German Dog Names for a German Dog

So you have a German dog. Here are some good German puppy names that can reflect that heritage.

As you choose a name for your German Shepherd, here are some helpful ideas. Look through this list of German dog names to find one that suits your dog's personality.

German Dog Name Gender Meaning
Abelard M Resolute. "Keeper of the Abbey Larder."
Ada F Noble. Kind.
Adalia F God is my Refuge. Noble.
Adela F Noble. Serene.
Adelaide / Adele / Adelle F Noble. Serene.
Adelbert M Famous for Nobility.
Adele F Noble. Kind.
Adelrico M Powerful. Rich.
Adi / Adie F Noble. Kind.
Adler M Eagle.
Adolfina F Noble Wolf. Noble Hero.
Adolph / Adolpha M/F Noble Wolf. Noble Hero.
Agneta F Pure.
Ahren M Eagle.
Aken M Town Name.
Alaric M Noble Ruler.
Albern M Noble Warrior.
Albert / Alberta M/F Noble. Bright.
Albrecht M Similar to Albert. Noble. Bright.
Aldo M Wise One.
Alger M Noble. Bright.
Alice F Noble. Truth.
Alisha F Of Excellent Qualities.
Alison / Allison / Alyson / Allyson F Of Noble Birth.
Alphonse M Eager. Noble.
Aloysius M Warrior.
Alvin M True Friend to All.
Amara F Beloved. Eternal. Immortal.
Amelia F Industrious.
Analiese / Analise / Annalise / Annelies / Annelise F Gracious. Consecreted to God.
Anamchara F Soul Mate.
Ancel M Divine. Servant.
Andrea F Courage. Valor.
Anette F Variation of Anne.
Angela F Similar to Angelus or Angel.
Angelika F Similar to Angelica.
Anke F Form of Anne.
Annette F Form of Anne.
Antje F Grace
Arabelle F Beautiful Eagle.
Armond M Guardian.
Arne M Eagle.
Arndt M
Arnold M Eagle. Powerful.
Arvin M Friend to All.
August M Exalted. Revered.
Ava F Bird.
Axel / Axl M Source of All Life.
Baldwin M Old Friend.
Ballard M Warrior.
Bär / Bärchen M
Barnabas M Son of Prophet.
Barret M Courage of a Bear.
Beatrix F Traveler. Voyager.
Begonia F Flower.
Bela F White.
Berger M Mountain Dweller.
Berit F Bright. Glorious.
Bernadette F Bold as a Bear.
Bernard M Brave as a Bear.
Berta F Glorious.
Bethold M Bright Ruler.
Bianka F White.
Birget F Protecting.
Blaz M Unwavering Protector.
Brenda F Sword Blade.
Britta F Strength.
Brummer F Sword Blade.
Bud M Herald. Friend.
Bruno M Brown.
Carlchen F Sword Blade.
Caroline F Strong.
Cäsar F Sword Blade.
Cecancia F Free.
Charlie M/F Charles. Charlotte.
Claudia F Variation of Claudius.
Clovis M Famous Warrior.
Conrad M Brave Counsel.
Dagmar F Joy.
Dame F Lady.
Dedrick M Ruler Over All People.
Derek M Ruler.
Dierk / Dirk M Famous Ruler
Dieter M Warrior of the People.
Dino / Dina M Warrior of the People.
Dresden F German City.
Durin M Mythical Dwarf.
Dustin M/F Valiant Fighter.
Duxi M Warrior of the People.
Ebba F Strength.
Eberhard M Brave as a Boar.
Edel M Distinguished.
Edelweiss M/F Snow. White.
Edwin / Edwina M/F Prosperous Friend.
Ella F Beautiful Fairy.
Ellery M Cheerful.
Elsa F Princess.
Emera F Leader.
Emery M Industrious Ruler.
Emil M Resourceful Person.
Emily F Eager. Hard Worker. Industrious.
Emma F One Who Cares.
Emmet M Strong Worker.
Erika F Ever Powerful.
Ernie M Variation of Ernest.
Ernest M Vigorous.
Ernst M Determined.
Eugen M Variation of Eugene.
Falk / Falka M Wolf.
Felda F Of the Fields.
Fischer M Fisherman.
Franz M Variation of Franciscus.
Fräulein F Miss.
Frauke F Little Lady.
Frederik M Peaceful Ruler.
Frederika F Peaceful Ruler. Queen.
Fremont M Guardian of Freedom.
Frida / Frieda F Dove. Joy. Peace.
Friedhold M Peaceful Ruler.
Fritz M Pet Name for Friedrich.
Fritzi F Pet Name for Friederike.
Garin M Warrior.
Geert M Brave Strength.
Gerald M Spear King.
Gisa F Short for Giselle.
Grau M/F Grey.
Greta F Variation of Margaret.
Gretchen F Little Pearl.
Gretel F Pet Name for Grete.
Griswold M Gray Forest.
Grizelda F Maiden of Iron.
Günther M Warrior.
Hackett M Wood Cutter.
Hamlin M One Who Loves His Home.
Hank M Ruler of an Estate.
Hans M Variation of Johannes.
Harbin M Little Shining Fighter.
Hardy M Adventurous Person.
Hartmann M Strong as a Deer.
Hartwin M Brave Friend.
Harvey M Warrior of the Army.
Hedwig F Refuge in Battle.
Heidi F Honorable.
Heinrich M House Ruler.
Heinz M House Ruler.
Helga / Helge F A Person of God.
Helmuth M Protector. Courage.
Henry M Ruler of the Home.
Herbert M Bright Warrior.
Herman M Man of the Army.
Hertha F German Form of Nerthus.
Hexe / Hexi F Witch.
Hildegard F Battle.
Hulda F Sweet. Lovable.
Ida F Hard Working.
Ilsa / Ilse F Variation of Elizabeth.
Imelda F A Fierce Fighter.
Imre M Great King.
Jäeger M Hunter.
Jarman M A German.
Jarvinia F Keen Intelligence.
Jarvis M Good With a Spear.
Jenell F Kindness. Understanding.
Kaiser M King.
Karl M Variation of Charles.
Karla F Strong. Womanly.
Kaspar M Variation of Jasper.
Kellen M Swamp.
Kiefer M Barrel Maker.
Klaus M Variation of Nickolaus.
Kuno M Brave.
Kurigunde F Brave.
Lamar M Known Over the Land.
Lambert M Radiant Land. Bright.
Leona F Female form of Leon.
Leonard M Brave as a Lion.
Leopolda F Bold Leader.
Leyna F Little Angel.
Lou M Famous Warrior.
Louis/Louise M/F Famous Warrior/Warrior Maiden
Lutgard F Spear.
Luther M Famous Warrior.
Mallory F Wise in Battle.
Mandel M Almond.
Manfred M Man of Peace.
Marelda F Great Warrior.
Marlene F Derived from Marilyn.
Martin M From Mars.
Mathilda F Battle. Maiden. Strength.
Maud F Strength in Battle.
Max M Variation of Maxwell.
Medwin M Powerful Friend.
Miles M Soldier. Merciful.
Millie F Hard Worker.
Mina / Minna F Love / Mother.
Milla F Industrious.
Mundle M/F Almond.
Nixe / Nixie F Water Sprite.
Nobert / Noberta M/F Blond Hero.
Nyx F Sprite.
Obert. M Wealthy. Brilliant.
Odell / Odelia M/F Little Wealthy One.
Odolf M Wealthy Wolf.
Ogre M Great Ruler. Friend. (and you thought Ogres were bad... :)
Olinda F Protector of Property.
Orlantha F From the Land.
Ostara F German Goddess. Springtime.
Otto M Wealthy.
Paladin M German City.
Panzer M Armor.
Philomena F Friend of Strength.
Rainer M German Form of Rayner.
Raymond M Worthy Protector.
Raynard M Brave One.
Richard M Powerful Ruler. Brave One.
Richelle F Powerful Ruler. Brave One.
Roderick M Famous Ruler.
Roger M Famous Spear.
Roland / Rolanda M/F From the Great Land.
Rosamund F Garden of Flowers
Roth M Red Haired.
Rüdiger M German Form of Roger.
Rudolph M Wolf.
Rüdi / Rudy M Variation of Rudolph.
Ruger M German Gun.
Sabine F German Form of Sabina.
Schatzi F Little Treasure. Darling.
Schwarz ("schvartz") M Black.
Searle M One Who Wears Armor.
Senta F Assistant.
Seraphina F Fiery Ones.
Serilda F Armed Maiden of War.
Siegfried M Victory. Peace.
Sieglinde F Gentle. Soft. Victory.
Sigmund M Protector. Victory.
Stefan M Crown.
Stein M Stone.
Sven M Boy.
Tab M Brilliant. Radiant.
Terrell M Ruler of Thunder.
Udo / Uda M/F Prosperity. Wealth.
Ulf M Wolf
Ulfred M Peaceful Wolf.
Ulger M Warrior Wolf.
Uli / Ulli F Mistress of All.
Ullock M Sporting Wolf.
Ulrich M Ruling Wolf.
Ulrika / Ulrike F Power. Prosperity. Ruler Over All.
Urs / Ursel / Ursula / Uschi M/F/F/F Bear / Little Bear / She Bear / Little Bear.
Uta F Fortunate Maiden of Battle.
Uwe M German Form of Oue.
Vala F Chosen Over All.
Valda F Governess and Ruler.
Valdemar M Famous Ruler.
Vera F Faith. Truth.
Viveka F Little Woman of Strong Fortress.
Wagner ("vogner") M Waogn Maker.
Waldo / Walda / Waldi M/F/F King/Famous Ruler
Walter/Walther M Powerful Warrior.
Waltraud / Waldtraud F Strong Ruler.
Wanda F Wanderer.
Warren F Defender. Watchman.
Wendell M Traveler.
Wilda F Untamed.
Wilhelmina F Diligent Guardian.
William M Steadfast Guardian.
Wilmet F Protector.
Winifred F Peaceful Friend.
Winola F Gracious Friend.
Wolfgang M Rising Wolf.
Zelig M Blessed One.
Zelda F Grey Warrior.
Zelinda F Shield of Victory.
Zella F Pet Name for Marcella.
Zenzi F Pet Name for Krezenz.

German Shepherds names can reflect their heritage. I've found that it makes for easier training to choose a short one or two syllable name, you can make a nickname out of the longer German Dog Names. It is much easier for me to call "Schatzi!" then it is to call "Schatten Jäger!" (Shadow hunter).

Play with these German Dog nmes and see which one suits your pup best. Happy naming. :)