Guinness is overly big?

by Krystyna

My male shepherd pup will be five months on Thursday and already weighs 64 pounds!! He is not a BIT overweight, but is definitely bigger than all of our previous shepherds.

His mother is a Czech female that weighed around 90 pounds. His father was a year old and not full grown yet he already weighed 110 pounds.

How big do you think Guinness will get?

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2 Big boys
by: Korey

I have two pure male litter mates. Currently, they are 1 year 3 months.

The big one weighs 109 lbs and the smaller one is 94 lbs. They are both healthy and not overweight (according to the vet).

Large Puppy
by: srbarabs

I have 2 Czech imports. My male was 88 pounds at 6 months and 24 inches at the withers. I asked 2 different vets if he was overweight (he seems to have a LOT of skin to fill!). First vet said he was fine, second vet said he might a very light layer of fat on his ribs, but should loose no more than 5#. The second vet guessed him to be 'young, about a year to year and a half'. He about fell out when I told him his age, and said he is going to be a very big boy.

My female I JUST took to the vet office today for a weigh-in. She is 22 weeks old and weighs 53.3 pounds and is 19.5 inches at the withers. She is actually a little 'ribby'.

I am very good to monitor their weight (once a month, off to the vet we go to hit the scale, no charge to just weigh them). I do not do anything to promote growth or feed supplements. I won't say no 'people food', because I give them one egg a week. They are both growing faster and larger than my two female domestic bred GSD, and are fed the same diet. They actually feed less than I did with the other 2.

Big puppy
by: Anonymous

I commented about the size of my pup when he was 8.5 days. As for living a shorter life because of his weight that's a load of !@#$. My dog has regular vet checks, all GSD have different DNA and most the time follow from size of parents, but not always.

Zeus is now aged 12 weeks and weighs 17.6 kg. He has a strict diet which consists of Hills Science plan, large breed, mixed with cooked chicken breast rather than dog food. His body structure is large, he is not fat, he is very solid.

Both his parents are very large. Father was 140 ib and his mam over 110 lb. I will try and upload a pic.


by: Mike

Zaeda is 2 weeks short of 6 months. She is only 44 lbs. I feed her 3 cups of canidae a day. We hike and run nearly every day. I have kept her fairly lean in hopes to prevent hip dysplasia.

I hope she at least exceeds 70. Probably not going to happen though. Her mom seemed tall, but very lean. Dad weighed 85. Mom was probably around 65.

I have a big GSD
by: Anonymous


I've just recently brought my new pup home. I'm feeding him on science plan complete and following the correct amount for his weight. He has been checked at the vets and everything is good. He was weighed today at 8.5 days old and he is 10.8 kg.

I think I may have a large GSD as his paws are huge and is growing very quickly


by: gsdman26

A GSD should not be as big as that. I've had them my whole life and when that large they usually die at 7 or 8 years and have hip/elbow problems. I'm not saying there aren't freaks of nature but either some of you are guessing or just lying or you've gotten a mix breed.

Huge Puppy
by: Anonymous

My German Shepherd is 5 months and pushing 75 pounds, my vet estimated he will be about 145-150 when full grown based on his paw size and such. His parents were only 120 and 100, so he's definitely exceeding that.

Our Pups are Huge Too
by: Anonymous

We have 3 German Shepherd pups we have had since birth and all are quite large. Two of them weigh in at 70-75 lbs at just 6 months old. And the third is 65 lbs.

None of them are overweight in the slightest, all fit and trim, beautiful police dog look. Their father was 120 lbs and mother only 85 lbs. So I think ours are going to blow away the chart! LOL

Re: Guinness is overly big
by: Anonymous


I think Guinness will be around 110-120 lbs when he is fully grown.
My german is 75 lbs now, and he's almost 6 months old. I asked many people, and they said my puppy will go up to 130 to 140 :)

So, you have to train him well now, so he won't jump on people in the future.

Too Big?
by: Anonymous

My lil guy is 7 months today and is already pushing 80 lbs. He stands almost at my height. I don't know if that's normal but I know his dad was huge maybe 110~lbs and his mom was large too.

Big Puppy
by: Anonymous

Awesome!! I never heard of such much weight on a puppy. I have a three month old, I don't think he weighs more than 20 lbs. Perhaps a vet can provide a reason for that weight.

Good Luck.


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