Jerry Lee's GSD weight

by Chris

I got Jerry Lee one week before Christmas. He was born October the 20th, 2010. Now at 4 months old or if we go by weeks he is 17 1/2 weeks old and weighs 21.5 kilos. His height is about 20 inches.

Most of the Trainers tell me that he is too fat and he will be a very small dog. I do not know what to believe. I love him so much and he loves back and he loves the walks we take, the training, he is a very happy puppy. How big or small he will be I believe no one knows yet. I think every dog is different.

It's sad though, when I take him training they tell me from day one he has to lose weight and he is too fat.

Can some one help me out here please? I would appreciate it. Next post I will put photos of him since I got him and now.

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Jerry Lee's weight
by: Chris

Hi everyone and thank you for all your support.

Jerry Lee is now 10 months old and he weighs 40 Kilos and he is very healthy. He is a bit bigger than a normal size but he is so gorgeous.

I followed the Vet's advice and the trainers and also reading all your comments and helped Jerry Lee a lot.

Bella Bluu
by: Anonymous

My female GSD was born Oct 20th 2010. She is 7 months old and 56 lbs.

Here's her page: Bella Bluu.

Close Birthdays!
by: Jessie

My GSD Mix pup's birthday is October 19, 2010! :) He is now 63 lbs a week and a half short of 6 months :D

Jerry Lee's twin sis'
by: Pius

Hi Chris,

My GSD was born 21st Oct 2010, she is only a day different! We call her Eyo (a name from my 14 month old boy, he randomly pointed at her the first day I brought her home and kept saying Eyo :D).

Yesterday I got her checked and she is 31lb. I feed her about half a kilo of raw beef mixed with dry food. I think she is on a slow start but my vet said she is doing quite fine. What vaccination schedule are u following?

Regards to Jerry Lee

I will take pictures and post.

Jerry Lee's weight
by: Pearl Rigg

Hi Chris in Melbourne.

It's not good to have your pup too fat. It puts too much strain on growing bones. If you cannot feel his ribs, he is too fat. You should be able to feel them but not see them and he should have a pronounced waistline.

Don't be tempted to over-exercise him either. Just let him go at his own pace.

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