Bella Bluu

My female GSD was born Oct 20th, 2010. From kiserhoff kennels in Orwell, Ohio I got her.

She is 56 lbs and next week she turns 7 months. She is big eared, big pawed but a slow grower.

I have a male that is 1 1/2 (he’s a GSD too) but she is the leader of the 2 for sure. I have always had her on Royal Canin food so she does not grow super fast too quick. She has hip dysplasia. Breeders bred 2 dogs together that should not have, then after the litter was sold she sold the mother.

Dog's last 6 weeks has been better. Less pain from the hips but is very noticeable in her walk and run.

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Bella Background
by: Jennifer

Hi, can you e-mail me and tell me who Bella's parents and grandparents were? My e-mail is tomjennifer1 [at] aol [dot] com.


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