Kilo's Amazingly Speedy Growth

by Xiena Kinnair
(Aberdeen, Scotland)

Kilo at 14 weeks old

Kilo at 14 weeks old

This is Kilo.

He is 14 weeks old & he has most certainly doubled. Then doubled again in size in the 6 wks we've had him.

He was miniscule when we got him. Just a little bundle of fluff about 15 lbs.

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by: Allison hiby

He seems to be gaining weight quickly like my Shepherd Chase.

Chase is almost 5 months. He'll be 5 months 9/25/15 and is currently around 40 pounds. At 3 months, Chase was 17.6 pounds, and by 4 months, he was 33 pounds!

I'm wondering how much he will be at 5 months. I'm saying 45+. A lot of people when they see him say, "he is big, he is going to be 100 or more".

Chase's mom was only 70 pounds and his dad was 80 pounds. I think Chase will be bigger than his parents!

by: BigDaddyFromCincinnati

Nice looking pup!

What and how much do you feed him? Our German Shepherd pup is 12 weeks + and about 3 lbs lighter than your fellow.

Best Wishes,

Cincinnati, OH, USA

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