Kody, my German Shepherd Husky Mix

by Helen

My dog's name is Kody.

Saw him on Facebook - his owner had died of cancer and Kody was in need of a new forever home.

I already had a beagle cocker spaniel mix who was a diabetic and didn't think we were ready to add another dog to our family because of the expense and time we needed to spend on Lucky and didn't think it would be fair to her.

Shortly after that we were invited to a baby shower in Sudbury where Kody was living with the niece of the person who once had him. While there visiting, this dog followed me every where I went. He wasn't allowed upstairs of the house but that didn't stop him when I went up.

Back down stairs he stood by me and was pretty vocal. I told him it wasn't me who could decide to take him home, it was up to him and I pointed to my husband who was sitting on the other side of the room. He proceeded over there, sat in front of him and once again became vocal as if to say please take me home with you.That did it.We decided to take him home.

He had already been placed in another home before this but was soon brought back to the niece. Kody looked like a nice dog and since he needed a forever home and picked us how could we say no especially to those big brown sad eyes.

We have no idea about Kody's background since the only person who might know died.

Kody is now an only dog since our other dog passed away. But while Lucky was here Kody and Lucky got along great.

I think Kody knew that I would be needing him as much as he needed a forever home and someone to love him. We are so glad we decided to bring Kody home. He has been a great dog and a wonderful part of our family.

He is the first dog that my husband has really taken to and talks to him constantly. Any other dog we've had has been my babies. But with Kody he belongs to us both. Loves the grandkids and his daily walks...

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