Korea gives me Seoul

by Tokyo Fatuesi
(Richmond, Virginia)

Korea, my GSD Husky mix

Korea, my GSD Husky mix

My dog's name is Korea. I named here after my brother joined the military in 2000. It's 2015 & Korea was the last place he was stationed.

My friend had a litter & I finally moved into a place where I could have a pet.

I have no information on her parents nor her background really.

She is the only dog I have. My roommate has a dog too. They get along very well since Rocky met Korea when she was only 8 weeks. She now is 6 months.

Korea doesn't have a single ounce of negativity in her bones. She loves making friends (dogs) EVERYWHERE we go haha. She has that "It's your house? That's cool. I just wanna play!"

Also, she paces herself at other people's houses before we go to sleep. Is that her just being a guard dog since both breeds are known for protecting their pack?

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